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About Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr.

Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. studied philosophy and literature at Grove City College.  While there he published his first book, Money Matters (now, revised and expanded as Biblical Economics.) After two years in graduate school studying English at Ole Miss he enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando in 1989. He received an MA in theological studies in 1991. After several years of service on the magazine R.C. was named editor-in-chief of Tabletalk magazine in late 1993, a position he held for eleven years.

In 1996 R.C. moved his young family to rural southwestern Virginia to plant a church and to start the Highlands Study Center, now Highlands Ministries.  R.C. served as senior pastor at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church for five years, before becoming pastor of education there. He published his second book, Almighty Over All in 1998. Through Highlands Ministries R.C. continued to write (serving as editor of Highlands’ magazine, Every Thought Captive) and travel around the nation and the world teaching on issues of practical theology, the Bible, apologetics and systematic theology.

During the 2000’s he edited a festschrift, After Darkness Light in his father’s honor, and authored two children’s books, The Brave Monk, on the life of Martin Luther and Quothe the Prophet on Moses’ battle with Pharaoh. In addition he wrote Tearing Down Strongholds, a worldview/apologetics primer; Bound for Glory: A Practical Handbook for Raising a Victorious Family; Eternity in our Hearts, a collection of essays on living the good life; and Believing God: 12 Biblical Promises Christians Struggle to Accept.  He received his D. Min degree from Whitefield Theological Seminary in 2001.

In 2010 Dr. Sproul, along with his wife and eight children relocated to Orlando where Dr. Sproul serves as a teaching fellow with Ligonier Ministries. Since 2011, its inaugural year, Dr. Sproul has also served as associate professor of philosophy and apologetics at Reformation Bible College. In 2012 his latest book, The Call to Wonder- Loving God Like a Child was released.

Stand on the Word. Walk by the Way. Run to the Battle. Rest in the Son.
Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. teaches at Reformation Bible College and Ligonier Ministries in Sanford, Florida.
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