Singing In Chains

The Bible is precious, and powerful. On the theological left its power is deflated by raw unbelief. In the theological middle its power is diminished by fear and uncertainty, driven […]


Why Does Jesus Say That Those Who Mourn Will Be Comforted?

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most familiar passages of all the Bible, and is certainly the most famous sermon ever given. It is rich in themes […]

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It May Not Be About Me

It’s one of my favorite lines, not just because of how funny it is, but how true. “I’ve talked long enough about me… how about you talk about me for […]

What Do You Do When Faced With Times Of Spiritual Dryness?

There is a reason that mountaintop experiences are called mountaintop experiences- because it is the very glory of them that makes them so rare. The top of a mountain is […]

Risk and Reward

One of the deep challenges, recognized even by its proponents, of sundry church growth strategies is getting pew sitters engaged and involved. The challenge flows out of the fundamental contradiction […]


How Did We Get Here?

There are precious few believers who are looking forward to election day with excitement. Such doesn’t mean, however, that passions aren’t running high. Social media is all aflutter of last […]

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The Great Undershepherd

Because October was “Pastor Appreciation Month” I could take this occasion to bemoan the evangelical tendency to take their pastors for granted. Every time the question comes up, “What is […]

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Why Do Christians Have Such A Hard Time Grasping Grace?

Because of our need for grace.  We are sinners. As such one would think we would run toward grace like someone who really needs something runs to the thing they […]

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Blind Spots

One of the devastating effects of the sin that yet remains in us is that it makes it all too easy for us to miss the sin in us. Our […]

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Ask R.C: Why Is Eschatology So Hard To Understand?

For many years I embraced that rather common eschatological position known as panmillennialism, the view that amounts to “I don’t know how things will end, but it will all pan […]

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