The Kingdom Notes

Fort Ligonier

  One way I know I was deeply blessed with a beautiful childhood is that I so often go back to it. Fall is in the air, but not the […]

Riding Out The Storm

In my lifetime I have lived in San Francisco, Kansas, and Florida. I have experienced an earthquake, a tornado and a hurricane. The odd thing is that I experienced all […]

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The Invasion

There is no way but that the Incarnation should be a great mystery. The very notion of God taking on flesh staggers the mind. For 500 years the greatest minds […]

Remembered No More

The devil, when he tempts us, encourages us to not see the sin before us as sin. When he tempted Eve to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of […]

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A Day Well Lived

I’m tired. One of the quirks about how we do things at Reformation Bible College is that most of our classes meet just once a week, for roughly three hours. Such […]

The Other Scandal Of The Evangelical Mind

It is true enough that by and large the evangelical church is not known for intellectual rigor. We’re not considered the sharpest knives in the drawer. It is true as […]

The Institute for the Obvious

If you find yourself in a grand quandary, chances are you are missing the obvious. No, I don’t mean that all difficult questions come equipped with easy answers. The point […]

Jesus Is Lord

You can tell a great deal about which way you ought to be heading by looking to your final destination.  When we know our end we know our calling for […]

Trust And Obey

The KISS principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—is itself a rather simple principle. It argues that when we find ourselves entangled in complex and complicated arguments, chances are we have already left […]

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At Such A Cost

  Men were made for work, for protection, and for rescue. When we look at the imago Dei, the glorious truth that we are made in the image of God, […]

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