The Kingdom Notes

Singing In Chains

The Bible is precious, and powerful. On the theological left its power is deflated by raw unbelief. In the theological middle its power is diminished by fear and uncertainty, driven […]


It May Not Be About Me

It’s one of my favorite lines, not just because of how funny it is, but how true. “I’ve talked long enough about me… how about you talk about me for […]

Risk and Reward

One of the deep challenges, recognized even by its proponents, of sundry church growth strategies is getting pew sitters engaged and involved. The challenge flows out of the fundamental contradiction […]


The Great Undershepherd

Because October was “Pastor Appreciation Month” I could take this occasion to bemoan the evangelical tendency to take their pastors for granted. Every time the question comes up, “What is […]

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Blind Spots

One of the devastating effects of the sin that yet remains in us is that it makes it all too easy for us to miss the sin in us. Our […]

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Fort Ligonier

  One way I know I was deeply blessed with a beautiful childhood is that I so often go back to it. Fall is in the air, but not the […]

Riding Out The Storm

In my lifetime I have lived in San Francisco, Kansas, and Florida. I have experienced an earthquake, a tornado and a hurricane. The odd thing is that I experienced all […]

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The Invasion

There is no way but that the Incarnation should be a great mystery. The very notion of God taking on flesh staggers the mind. For 500 years the greatest minds […]

Remembered No More

The devil, when he tempts us, encourages us to not see the sin before us as sin. When he tempted Eve to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of […]

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A Day Well Lived

I’m tired. One of the quirks about how we do things at Reformation Bible College is that most of our classes meet just once a week, for roughly three hours. Such […]

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