It’s Monday again, and therefore it is time for our weekly Ism Monday. Today’s Ism is a little tricky. We’re going to be talking today about Judaism. Perhaps more specifically, […]


Ask R.C: What Is Wisdom?

I have written before, here, on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The two are deeply related, but they are nonetheless distinct. You can have knowledge without wisdom, but not […]

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At Such A Cost

  Men were made for work, for protection, and for rescue. When we look at the imago Dei, the glorious truth that we are made in the image of God, […]

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Ask R.C: How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?

The only way there is to be saved, by trusting in the work of Christ alone. Because God is just, sin must be punished. Because we are sinners, that is […]


The We-Ness Of Us All

Humans are curious creatures. Just as we struggle to get our minds around both the one-ness and the three-ness of the godhead, so we struggle to understand ourselves. We are […]

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The Soul of the Solas

It puzzles me deeply that so few are puzzled deeply by the paradox. We are so used to the befuddling language that we miss its befuddling nature. It ought to […]

The Kingdom is Now

I am deeply grateful to my Old Testament professor. Though I was young and foolish while in seminary, I have, by God’s grace, been growing less young and less foolish […]

Knowledge Without Zeal

When Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, describes the church as the body of Christ, he speaks more wisely than we fools tend to hear. As is the […]

The Son Rising in the East

The early church faced at least two distinct and competing enemies. While Jesus walked the earth and after, the great challenge to the kingdom of God was found both in […]

Castles in the Sand

There are, when we disagree, almost always two disagreements. Most of the time the smaller disagreement is the bigger one. Consider election. There are some in the church who believe […]

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