Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is the author of several books, including A Call to Wonder. He is the father of eight, a grandfather of one, and a widower. He is passionate about helping Christians explore the implications of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and ascension on how we should think and live in His world.

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Ask RC: Where Are Evangelicals Wrong On The Bible?

The evangelical position on the Bible, that it is inspired, inerrant, and infallible, true in all that it teaches is true, from top to bottom. Our orthodoxy (right doctrine) on the Bible is orthodox. It is our orthopraxy (right practice) where we fail. Here then are several ways we in this camp tend to practice wrongly what we rightly confess. First, we tend to believe the whole Bible is not for us. The great bulk of evangelicals are practical Marcionites. Marcion was an ancient heretic who wanted to excise from the Bible the mean and nasty God of the Old Testament. We, thankfully, do not go that far. We simply ignore the Old Testament, seeing it as a helpful collection of religious stories that, when it embarrasses us, can be safely swept away. Second, we tend to see the Bible as a religious book from which we should glean our…

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Devils in the Church

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When God in His word takes the time to introduce us to the serpent for the first time, I think it’s interesting the particular adjective that God chose to describe…

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