Heirs of Grace

I was battered and beaten, bruised and befuddled. My name was being dragged through the mud on the internet. Sheep I had labored over where gnashing their teeth at me. […]

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It’s Monday again, and that means it’s Ism Monday, and if you’ve been listening for long you may notice that we get a little, what’s the word, broadminded about what […]

Giving Thanks: Thankful Every Day

How often does a joke become a cliché because it’s just so true? Every year on Black Friday, we all laugh about the crazy behavior of shoppers, we all think […]


Giving Thanks: The Virtue of Remembering

It’s not a brand new issue. It’s not even an issue that began with the rise of the Puritans. It’s an issue that goes at least as far back as […]


Singing In Chains

The Bible is precious, and powerful. On the theological left its power is deflated by raw unbelief. In the theological middle its power is diminished by fear and uncertainty, driven […]



It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for our Ism Monday podcast, and this particular podcast isn’t really about a self conscious worldview, it’s not about an ideology that people […]


God’s Hammer

Sometimes, indeed often, we build and maintain our paradigms for our own comfort. Our worldviews are usually less the result of careful, dispassionate, sober-minded analysis and more the result of […]


Why Does Jesus Say That Those Who Mourn Will Be Comforted?

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most familiar passages of all the Bible, and is certainly the most famous sermon ever given. It is rich in themes […]

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Rioting in the Streets

I suspect we have a rather insufficient grasp of the depth of our depravity. We are so sinful and so prideful that we not only make decisions that end up […]


It May Not Be About Me

It’s one of my favorite lines, not just because of how funny it is, but how true. “I’ve talked long enough about me… how about you talk about me for […]

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