Sitting on Our Hands

I’m not sure which wag it was, but someone once said “What the world needs is a good one handed theologian.” The problem with theologians is, while our calling is […]

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Jesus Is Lord

You can tell a great deal about which way you ought to be heading by looking to your final destination.  When we know our end we know our calling for […]


Once again we find ourselves on Monday, and that means it’s time for us to consider another one of our Isms. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much […]

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Clerical Garb

This past Sunday, I was blessed with the opportunity to preach for a small church in Connecticut. I think it was probably the first time in my life, I’ve preached […]

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Ask R.C: Is Color-Blindness the Right Response to Racism?

No, and yes. Racism is, and will be, until Christ’s return a peculiarly ugly manifestation of the sin that remains within all of us. It is grounded in a pride […]

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I Create Calamity

I suspect if you’ve ever had this experience that you, like me, will never forget it. I’m remembering specifically the first time I ever made my mother cry. At least […]

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Trust And Obey

The KISS principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—is itself a rather simple principle. It argues that when we find ourselves entangled in complex and complicated arguments, chances are we have already left […]

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It’s Monday again, and therefore it is time for our weekly Ism Monday. Today’s Ism is a little tricky. We’re going to be talking today about Judaism. Perhaps more specifically, […]

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I Bet You Think These Podcasts Are about You

Some things we never quite leave behind this side of the veil. Try as we might to mature and to grow beyond this peculiar brand of foolishness, I’m afraid that […]

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Ask R.C: What Is Wisdom?

I have written before, here, on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The two are deeply related, but they are nonetheless distinct. You can have knowledge without wisdom, but not […]

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