Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is the author of several books, including A Call to Wonder. He is the father of eight, a grandfather of one, and a widower. He is passionate about helping Christians explore the implications of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and ascension on how we should think and live in His world.

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Ask RC: What Are The Most Important Qualities In A Leader?

I confess that the subject of “leadership” is something of a mystery to me. I do not believe I am anything close to a natural born leader, but have found myself from time to time  in positions of leadership. I lead my family. I have lead, through my work, departments, churches, ministries, even movements. As such I tend, at least at first, to pay attention when people speak or write on leadership, looking not just for clues on how to do it, but clues to understand if, and how, I do “leadership.” I haven’t, however, read a book or attended a seminar on that theme and frankly can’t begin to understand what I might find there.  What follows then are not the 5 Ironclad Laws of Leadership. That’s a little bold for my style, at least on this theme. Instead here are a few principles I believe might help. First,…

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Dying by the Sword


There is, once again, blood on our streets. Just as recent in events in Orlando had perhaps begun to fade just a bit from the headline, now comes 5 police…

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