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What Is The Doctrine Of Illumination?

Illumination is that doctrine that describes the work of the Holy Spirit in helping the believer to understand God’s Word. Though regeneration is required to rightly understand the Word, having […]

Ask R.C: What Bible Translations Do You Recommend?

It is a good thing that so many Christians love the Bible. It may not be such a good thing that Christians love their Bibles. That is, debating the relative […]

Ask R.C: What Are Some Key Idols Evangelicals Tend To Struggle With?

If you were to explore the Old Testament seeking out what sin God’s people struggled with the most you might be surprised by what you find. We tend to focus […]

Ask R.C: Does The Bible Require Weekly Celebration Of The Lord’s Table?

I don’t know. It’s not a question I’ve ever felt the need to ask. It is certainly possible that one could build a decent case for weekly communion from those […]

Ask R.C: Is Color-Blindness the Right Response to Racism?

No, and yes. Racism is, and will be, until Christ’s return a peculiarly ugly manifestation of the sin that remains within all of us. It is grounded in a pride […]

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Ask R.C: What Is Wisdom?

I have written before, here, on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The two are deeply related, but they are nonetheless distinct. You can have knowledge without wisdom, but not […]

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Ask R.C: How Were People Saved in the Old Testament?

The only way there is to be saved, by trusting in the work of Christ alone. Because God is just, sin must be punished. Because we are sinners, that is […]


Ask RC: What Is a Liturgy?

Liturgy is one of those words that manages to be both rather vague, but also, in the right place, the perfect word. It is simply a tool of remembrance.  Such […]


Ask RC: Where Are Evangelicals Wrong On The Bible?

The evangelical position on the Bible, that it is inspired, inerrant, and infallible, true in all that it teaches is true, from top to bottom. Our orthodoxy (right doctrine) on […]


Ask RC: What Are The Most Important Qualities In A Leader?

I confess that the subject of “leadership” is something of a mystery to me. I do not believe I am anything close to a natural born leader, but have found […]

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